Education:ACE certified

Experience:10 years


Yoga & Spin


Marlena has been exploring the power of yoga for more than three decades. She began her practice during a particularly active time in her life when she needed to stay flexible in order to successfully juggle fitness pursuits such as running and weight lifting with raising children and managing a prosperous salon. Later, when Marlena was dealing with breast cancer, yoga allowed her to grow stronger – not only physically but also mentally and spiritually – in spite of the challenges she was experiencing.

Marlena has studied yoga extensively at several different institutions, and has more than three years of experience as a personal yoga instructor. She has multiple certifications in yoga, and is also an accredited teacher of spin. Marlena is proud to be a member of the Slammers team. Not only does she lead a variety of classes for us, Marlena also offers private yoga training and complimentary one-on-one yoga sessions for new members.

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