Born and raised in Shanghai, Bingbing has spent the last twenty years working and studying in Canada and The United States. She feels grateful to have been shaped by balancing influences from both The East and The West. For the last decade, Bingbing has been devouring books, attending seminars, and researching topics such as ancient philosophies, theĀ healingĀ arts, and modern spiritual teachings. Bingbing believes that authentic wellbeing stems from a deep connection with the divine self and the universe as a whole.

Bingbing is nurtured by nature and she retains her positive attitude by spending a great deal of time outdoors. She stays active through a combination of dance, yoga, and Qigong. Bingbing offers holistic health treatments as a Slammers Wellness practitioner, and also teaches Eight-Brocade Qigong and Self Shiatsu classes for us. In both these roles, Bingbing is passionate about helping members get in touch with their innate wisdom and living fulfilled and joyful lives. If you book a treatment with Bingbing, you can expect a session characterized by compassion, professionalism, and trust.

Certifications: Holistic Health, Meridian Floor Shiatsu, Oriental Bodywork, Elemental Iridology, Energy Medicine, Reiki

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