We Offer A Whole Lot More

Than Just Exercise

Yes, you can pump iron here and, yes, you can do your cardio as well. But you can also turn your skin a luminous shade of gold by visiting our tanning salon. You can sweat away your stress in one of our sauna units and then savour an Incredible Hulk smoothie from our Fuel Bar. You can even get reflexology and acupuncture treatments right here within our complex. And we’re hoping to introduce additional services soon. Stay tuned!


Select from our list of services below to read more about each.


*New Members Receive A Free Session With One Of Our Trainers*

Slammers has historically teamed up with a number of personal trainers who have offices right on site. These fitness professionals are independent operators rather than part of our staff and members are encouraged to contact them directly in order to discuss rates and arrange exercise sessions.

Everyone can benefit from working with a trainer, but having your own personal coach is particularly useful for members who have never lifted weights before, members who are uncertain about their technique, and members who have difficulty staying motivated. In some ways it’s kinda crazy to pay someone to inflict pain on you, but trainers can help you stay on track and get results. So come on, you maggot! Gimme another ten reps!


*New Members Receive One Free Tanning Session*

Let’s face it. A lot of people look best bronzed. And if you study the research it turns out that, as long as you’re tanning in a controlled and moderate manner, exposure to UV light can safely enhance your health in a surprising variety of ways. For one thing, it triggers the production of Vitamin D, which can reduce your risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, and several types of cancer. UV light can also help alleviate Seasonal Affective Disorder and improve skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis. It may even stimulate your thyroid gland, thus kickstarting your metabolism and making weight loss more likely. Holy Far-Ranging Benefits, Batman!

At Slammers, we have a number of different beds in our tanning salon. If you’d like to make an appointment for one of them, please come see us at the front counter. Alternately, you can call us at 250-720-2290, email us at reception@slammersgym.ca, message us via Facebook, or reach out via smoke signal. {You can usually get our attention by sending up three large wisps followed by a billowing cloud.}

Classic Beds

Drop-In Session 60¢ Per Minute
100 Minutes $27.67
150 Minutes $40.95
One Month Unlimited $40.95

Gold Beds

Drop-In Session 86¢ Per Minute
50 Minutes $34.29
100 Minutes $59.05
One Month Unlimited $68.57

Stand Up Beds

Drop-In Session $1.29 Per Minute
50 Minutes $50.48
100 Minutes $94.29
One Month Unlimited $94.29


* Our Sauna Units Are Currently Closed Due To COVID-19, But Hopefully They Will Reopen Soon *

Human beings have been exposing themselves to high temperatures for thousands of years, and it’s not just because we like the smell of hot cedar. {Although that particular scent is pretty intoxicating.} Saunas increase your heart rate and expand your blood vessels, thus improving circulation. This can in turn reduce muscle soreness and assist with joint movement. Dry heat can promote relaxation, engender feelings of well-being, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by lowering levels of stress. It’s also been known to alleviate conditions such as arthritis, psoriasis, and asthma. So go ahead. Jump into one of our units and melt yourself down into a big ol’ puddle of bliss.

Regular Drop-In Session $10.00
First Time Drop-In For Local $6.00
One Month Unlimited $60.00
Punch Pass For 10 Sessions $60.00
Punch Pass For 20 Sessions $110.00


* Our Smoothie Bar Is Currently Closed Due To COVID-19, But Hopefully It Will Reopen Soon *

Mmmm…nothing beats a smoothie after a workout. Not only because our blends are scrumpdillyumptious but because, following a strenuous session, your cells can use the protein in our mixes to start repairing and strengthening your muscle tissue. So belly up to the bar, cowgals and cowguys, and pick your poison!


Each comes with your choice of milk and protein powder. Do we have vegan ingredient options? You bet your Lycra-encased ass we do!

Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries
Bananas, Orange Juice, Mangoes
Pineapples, Mangoes, Strawberries
Bananas, Spinach, Peanut Butter
Coffee, Ice
Bananas, Strawberries, Pineapples
Chocolate*, Vanilla*, Pineapple Coconut
{* = Regular Or Plant-Based}
Almond, Coconut


Small Smoothie $4.76
Large Smoothie $7.62
Punch Pass For 10 Small Smoothies $42.86
Punch Pass For 10 Large Smoothies $68.57


Looking to get the most out of your time at the gym? We’re pleased to offer a diverse assortment of supplements and boosters. We have everything from protein powders to BCAAs, and these products can help with things like performance enhancement, fatigue reduction, and weight loss. No steroids, though; at Slammers we like to maximize gains in a healthy and sustainable manner. Check out our full array today!

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