Slammers Gym is a playground.

A 17,000 square foot fitness playground.
We’ve got all the cardio units and weight training machines you could ever want, as well as sorts of fun extras. Feel like flipping over enormous truck tires? Check out our tent area in the back. Wanna make like Rocky Balboa? Work our speed bag for a while. Like to blast your arms with battle ropes? We’ve got you covered!


Scroll down to read about all the features of our old cop-shop-turned-fitness-facility.

24 / 7 ACCESS

Our regular hours are 5:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday to Friday, and 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on the weekend. And we’re generally closed on stats so that our amazing staff can be with their families on holidays.

We understand, however, that this schedule doesn’t work for everyone. Some people like to exercise at 3:00 am. Perhaps because that’s when they get off work. Or maybe because they’re bloodsucking nosferatu who would wither away in the sunlight. Whatever the reason, Slammers now offers round-the-clock access.

We are unable, for insurance reasons, to give members unrestricted after-hours access to our entire complex. Members with 24 / 7 fobs or cards, however, are able to use the majority of our upstairs level at any time day or night. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this feature, please come see us at the front counter. Alternately, you can call us, email us at, message us via Facebook, or express your desire on a tiny scroll of parchment attached to the leg of a carrier pigeon.

24 / 7 ACCESS
Must Be Added To An Ongoing Membership
$19.05/One Time Fee
One-Time Cost At Signup



Some people prefer to exercise solo. Possibly because their personal playlists include embarrassingly old-fashioned genres such as polka. Maybe because they have OCD chalking rituals that they don’t want anyone else to see. Or perhaps because they are, at heart, lone wolves who grunt a lot when squatting.

Whatever the reason, it’s fine with us. We’re not Judgey McJudgersons. Members who wish to work out on their own are free to use the private room right next to our main entrance. Thirty minute slots can be booked on the white board by the door on a first-come-first-serve basis. So head on in there to solitary and do your unaccompanied thang. We promise not to peek!



Sometimes when women go the gym they get ogled. Or hit on. And while this can occasionally be flattering, it can also be irritating when you’re trying to focus on something like deadlifting a new personal best.

In our experience, Slammers members are almost always considerate and respectful. Even so, we set up a women’s only zone for those who are more comfortable in an exclusively estrogen environment. This space is located in the far corner of our complex’s lower level, away from our high-traffic areas. So if it’s privacy you want, this is the area for you!


*Due To Island Health’s COVID-19 Guidelines & WorkSafeBC’s Pandemic-Related Restrictions, Our Boxing Ring Is Currently Open Only To Those Pugilists In The Same Bubble*

Yep, believe it or not, we have a boxing ring. So if you’d like to put on some gloves and go a few rounds with a sparring buddy, have at ‘er. But listen, no hitting below the belt, no hitting after the bell, and definitely no biting of ears, Mike Tyson!



* Due To Island Health’s COVID-19 Guidelines & WorkSafeBC’s Pandemic-Related Restrictions, Our Hoops Area Is Currently Open Only To Those Basketballers In The Same Bubble *

So. You’ve just crushed it in the weight room and now you want to get some cardio. But it’s a gorgeous day outside and it seems a shame to spend an hour indoors on the StairMaster. Not to worry. Slammers has a solution: hit the basketball court and soak up some rays whilst you’re draining those treys. Let’s see what you got, Michael Jordan! Actually, forget Jordan. We have a homegrown superstar we can use in our trash-talking instead. Show us your skillz, Steve Nash! {Better, right? True North Strong & Free, we stand on guard for thee!}

Pickleball. It’s fun to say, don’t you think? It always makes us giggle just a li’l. Anyway, we have nets, we have paddles, we have lightweight balls. {More giggling.} Let the pickling commence!


At Slammers, we have all sort of different equipment. We’ve got machines to work every part of your body, including a number of muscles that you probably didn’t even know you had. We have old-school gear that hasn’t changed much in fifty years, and high-tech units from cutting-edge manufacturers such as Matrix.

In our rehab room, we have a pneumatic workout system that’s ideal for those who are recovering from an injury or a procedure. Rather than having to load on weight plates or adjust pin settings, members using these devices can simply press down with their thumbs to increase or decrease resistance. What this means {assuming you’re willing to forgive a groanworthy pun} is that we’re going to use air pressure to pump you up.


Like most gyms, we have wall-mounted televisions in our cardio zones. But of course not everyone likes to watch the same thing. And that’s why we also provide free high-speed wifi for all our members. Like to take in old episodes of The Beachcombers whilst walking on the treadmill? Enjoy catching up on your favourite reality TV during your time on the bike? No problemo. Bring along a phone or a tablet and stream away!


Some fitness facilities have limited vehicle space, and you end up parking so far away that just walking to the front door is a cardio session in and of itself. Which is fine most of the time, but it blows when it’s raining or icy.

At Slammers, we have ample room for your ride. Seriously. We have lots in both front and back so you can drive over your 18-wheeler if you like. You’ll still have enough space to do donuts. {Disclaimer: Slammers Gym Inc. does not endorse doing donuts in an 18-wheeler. Injury could result. [But just between us, be sure to get video if you do try it. Because that would be pretty cool.]}


* Our Lounges Are Currently Closed Due To Island Health’s COVID-19 Guidelines & WorkSafeBC’s Pandemic-Related Restrictions *

You’ve had a Kafkaesque day at work. And you need to take five minutes. Just five minutes. Five minutes to decompress before you enter beast mode on the elliptical. That’s where our lounges come in.

You can kick back on the comfy couches upstairs or relax by the fire on our lower level. The sofas on our upper level are right by our fitness classroom so they’re an ideal place to wait for friends who are joining you for yoga or spin. And our chesterfield chill zone downstairs is adjacent to our smoothie bar, so it’s a perfect spot to enjoy a well-deserved Tropical Twister after a solid session of exertion.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s true, it’s our pleasure to present a novel’s worth of images of our facility. Ain’t she purty?